Emergency services Sponsorship Information


Sponsorship packages:

(True Heroes is offering a 20% discount to any sponsorship package purchased)

(Prices are the totals with discount applied)

You can add any combination of each product by the box if you wish

340g Coffee

1 month (1-Box)- $150

6 month(6-Boxes)-$850

1 year(12-boxes)- $1700

2lb Hot Chocolate

1 month (1-box)-$77

6 month (6-Boxes)-$460

1 year (12 Boxes)-$920

2lb Cappuccino Powders

1 month (1-box)-$58

6 month (6Boxes)-$345

1 year (12 boxes)-$690

We Thank you for your support & look forward to building our community every step of the way.

Please share this with anyone you know that may be interested in participating & help us make this blow up as big as we can!!

We want to thank all our Emergency services & the people that make up such an amazing community.

True Heroes Coffee Co. Partnered with Turbo Delivery


We are seeking businesses & personal community members who may be interested in helping us

sponsor our local & surrounding Emergency services.

Vital 24/hr public services we are grateful to have live off coffee to fuel their 12+Hr shifts every single day and with that we are wanting to share a personal thank you by offering delicious coffee.

True Heroes Coffee co. exists because of them.

“Taking care of the people taking care of us”

“Supporting our communities one cup at a time”

Many of these services pay for their own coffee or other kitchen supplies out of their own pockets, we hope to help change that to show them some love & appreciation for what they

do for us, our families & community.

True Heroes Coffee co. is built from the community & the people we support.

We donate a percentage of all sales & product back into charities & foundations in support of our

service members with their mental health & overall wellbeing.

As well as fundraising with schools, sports teams & many types of community programs.

With a sponsorship package we hope to bring attention to all supporting businesses as a way to say thank

you for your support & appreciation of our service members & help us share some joy with them.

True Heroes Coffee will be donating 10% of all sales back into our community in other ways.

We will use different social sharing platforms to showcase supporting businesses.

We will also partner with other businesses & media to help get the message out each time a

donation comes in or a delivery is made keeping the community up to date as to our progress.