Want to do some fund raising with us?

Why choose us?

We are built around community and in knowing that you can trust in the quality products and services we provide. We are a company created to give back in a bigger way by donating and fund raising in many ways for our communities. On top of all this what will set us apart from other fundraising partners is we would like to offer all year fund raising so you can continually maintain customers and create continuous revenue for your program.

What is available for you?

We want to give access to all our products to anyone who wants to utilize them for their events and programs. With options of selling them as is or breaking them down to sell by the cup. We expect all items to be sold at or below our retail price as agreed in working with us. All programs are unique and will require different needs so each plan is built to suite your needs.

How does this work?

You as the program organizer will put together all information and selling plans to decide wether you will pre-sell or pre-order the needed products for your program then get in touch with us to discuss your fundraiser and how we can help.

True Heroes Coffee will discuss an amount that will be donated to the Program from sales with incentives and extras upon completion. We will help best we can to organize and gather information to share with customers for gathering orders. After our consultation we will gather information and potential processing times.

Why coffee?

Fundraising products have been getting a bit over used and we believe coffee will bring a fresh new idea to your efforts in building some revenue for your program.

This will give people a quality product they already purchase but with the peace of mind knowing they are helping a bigger cause in the process and building their community one sip at a time.

If you want to partner with us

Click below and head over to the contact page. 

Start your message off with:

 "Fundraising info"

Then proceed to introduce yourself and the program with any information you have or need that may pertain to our further partnership.